. The Girl with the Rabbit Heart.
la petite fille

Hello, there! My name is Marissa Wing.
Alternatives names include but are not limited to; Riss, Bambi, Mars, Missa, and Hussface. (Thank you, Ryan, for that charming addition.)

I have no middle name, help me find one?

I’m 16 years old, and live in Vacationland… also known as the boonies of Maine. I’m going to go places, someday.

I’m not really anything exciting. Probably you’re average 5’3” terror, with curly hair and doe-eyes. Sounds intimidating, right?

Race? Undefined. I guess my heritage is primarily Irish, French, and Norse… But, um. I’m spontaneously the black sheep of the family and look knock-off brand hispanic. I get asked if I’m adopted.

You could say I’m a golden-age thinker, but I think I’ve been lost in time.

So what do you think? Will you keep me?

P.S: here’s a picture of me being weird.

Edited by Aqua-mist and ryan c: